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Before and After Photos With a New Baby

In Just 2 Photos, a Mom Sums Up What It's Like to Be a New Parent

Snarky message... "This doesn't even look like the same person!" Etc, etc...mean, nasty, hateful...

Posted by Erin Kiernan on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Whether you care to admit it, everyone has indulged in a few selfies. Erin Kiernan, a news anchor in Iowa, readily admits that before having a baby, she would spend hours on hair and makeup to get that perfect photo. But she's also happy to admit that after having a baby, she's a very different person, which she perfectly captures in these drastically different before-and-after photos. Rather than claim that the woman on the left of the split photo is who she is today, she said: "These ARE NOT pictures of the same person. . . . You are an idiot if you think these are pictures of the same woman." With just two photos — both technically of Kiernan but in very different stages of life — she sums up what it is to be a mother in the most honest way. Read her full post above.

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