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Bill Murray's Parenting Advice

You'll Want to Hear Bill Murray's Parenting Advice (Seriously)

Could Bill Murray's next project be a parenting book? During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor and father of six shared some tips with the late-night host. Though Murray says he was a master at helping his kids fall asleep, his specialty was getting rid of their gas. The secret? A candy cane.

"Somehow I learned that peppermint breaks up gas," Murray explains. "So I went and got a candy cane, and you just stick it in the kid's mouth."

But Murray's advice is not limited to babies and their tummy troubles. Earlier in the year, he told Kimmel to pack an oscillating fan and nightlight in his wife's hospital bag because the delivery room gets hot and the lighting is horrible. Of course, Kimmel listened and later said that this tip was "spot on." Watch the video above to hear more words of wisdom from this movie legend.

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