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Boobies in a Box Video

There's a New "Modesty Device" For Breastfeeding Moms You Have to See to Believe

There's a new "modesty device" for breastfeeding moms. LOL. (via Hunt the Vigan)

Posted by Upworthy on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A lot of moms detest those specially made nursing covers used to discreetly hide the act of breastfeeding while in public. You might think it's because those covers are stuffy, make their babies hot and uncomfortable, and are completely unneccessary, but you'd be wrong. It's because they don't cloak moms from the innocent eyes of the general public enough.

Enter: Boobies in a Box.

When fumbling with a hungry baby and an exposed nipple is just too much, this "new modesty device" is the perfect solution.

Try not to LOL at this infomercial-style video touting the benefits of the "eco-friendly cardboard" with the "pitch-black of a coffin." Practical, compact . . . what's not to love? We don't know about you, but we'll be springing for the luxury camouflage edition.

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