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Bottle Storage Hack

Mom Wows Internet With a Life-Changing Baby Hack That Costs Just $12

Ive posted about this in my mommy group but figured i should share with all new moms on my page, save your kitchen. It's...

Posted by Brooke McDaniel on Thursday, June 1, 2017

If, like most moms, you find yourself constantly washing bottles, looking for clean ones despite that, and dealing with at least one landslide of said bottles out of the cabinet a day, this mom's hack is about to wow you. Using just a $12 shower caddy, Brooke McDaniel has completely changed the bottle game in her household. Because she has two kids using bottles right now and says she doesn't have enough time to wash all the bottles they'd need every 24 hours, she keeps her big stash on the shelves of the caddy, then uses the hook on the bottom to hang pacifiers and teethers.


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