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Boy With Autism Is Elected Homecoming King

This Teen With Autism Was Elected Homecoming King, and His Celebration Is the Best Part

South Meck's New Homecoming King

The students of South Mecklenburg High School have elected Blake Rice, a Sabre with autism, as their new Homecoming King!!! We are so proud of you for this amazing display of love and inclusion.

Posted by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools on Saturday, February 9, 2019

Blake Rice, a high school student at South Mecklenburg High School who happens to have autism and epilepsy, definitely has something to cheer for: he was recently elected as homecoming king. The North Carolina school recently shared a video of Blake winning the award on Feb. 9, and I simply cannot stop watching it. "I voted for him because he's always happy, you know?" student Parsa Ghaffari told a Fox News affiliate. "He's a real sweet kid."

Blake's dad, Matthew Rice — who teaches at South Mecklenburg — even thanked the school for including his son in such a special event. "By choosing a kid like Blake, you showed the world that you value above all else, inclusion. You showed the world that as Sabres we celebrate our diversity as our strength. You championed the most vulnerable kid, because to you, it was the right thing to do."

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