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The 1 Reason Why This Boy with Autism Wasn't Allowed at Sports Day Will Piss You Off

Mark Birchall, the father of a 7-year-old boy with autism living in Liverpool, England, is mad — and for good reason. Birchall took to Facebook on July 18 to express how angry he felt when his son Jacob's teacher suggested keeping him home from school on Sports Day so that he "wouldn't cause a scene."

In an interview with The Liverpool Echo, Birchall said that he was approached by his son's teacher's aid in the playground who suggesting keeping Jacob home for the festivities because he might get upset if he didn't win.

The 28-year-old dad said that his son, who has Asperger syndrome, should absolutely be allowed to participate in the day's activities. He also mentioned how upset Jacob was upon hearing the news, saying that the boy "cried his eyes out" when he found out he wasn't allowed to attend.


"So instead of going above and beyond to include a child with special needs at Sports Day they have made me feel like I have to keep him off until after the event is finished, take the morning off work to look after him, go out and buy him his own medal to wear and explain why he isn't allowed to go to his Sports Fay and be 'as fast as Lightning McQueen so he didn't feel left out," wrote Birchall in his Facebook post.

And though the school administration has since apologized for the incident, insisting that all of their students should be included in Sports Day, Birchall still ended up taking the day off to carry out his own rendition with his son.

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