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Boy Gives Basketball Sneakers to Barefoot Friend Video

After This 10-Year-Old Saw a Kid Playing Basketball Barefoot, He Made Sure He Never Had to Again

Ethan Emilo Guzman is just 10 years old, but he's an aspiring basketball player with a huge heart. Earlier this week, Ethan noticed something that didn't sit well with him: he saw a young boy around his age playing basketball barefoot. He didn't ask him if he wanted to play with him nor did he keep moving, Ethan ran inside and gave the other kid a fresh pair of sneakers and socks.

Ethan's dad captured the selfless moment on social media. He explained that the other boy came to New York City just one day before, and when Ethan asked him why he was playing without shoes, he said, "that's how I play in the Dominican Republic, all my life with sandals or barefoot," and Ethan made sure it never happened again.

It's not every day that we see someone so young with such genuine compassion, but the smile on Ethan's face says it all. The other boy ran inside "full of joy" to show his new kicks to his mother, but we can only assume that these two kids have many basketball games ahead of them! Check out the heartwarming clip above.

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