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Boy Hears Mom's Voice

Little Boy Hears His Mom's Voice For the First Time, and Laughter Ensues

There's nothing sweeter than the sound of a child laughing, especially after years of silence. Earlier this week, Jennifer Closson Aprea received an early holiday gift when her son was successfully fitted for a cochlear implant. Aprea, who founded the cloth diaper accessory company Spray Pal, has been documenting her son's journey via Facebook and shared the news on Monday, along with a video of her son giggling after hearing her voice for the first time.

The following day, Aprea posted a photo of her son riding a toy truck with the following caption:

"This little man woke up bright and early, ready to go! I think he was excited to play with his new 'toy' some more. He's been exploring all of his old toys and giggling non-stop. This has been the greatest gift ever. Feeling so thankful and blessed to be his mommy and watch him grow and learn."

Congratulations to the Aprea family! We couldn't think of a better holiday blessing.

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