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Boy Says He's Thankful For Money on Thanksgiving Project

You'll Laugh Your Ass Off When You Read What 1 Boy Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Kim Ledoux, a mother of two, knows firsthand that kiddos can truly say the darndest things, especially when they're out from under the watchful eye of their parents. The mother shared a hysterical experience she had at her son Teagan's school Thanksgiving celebration after seeing his answer to the age-old question: What are you thankful for? After getting over being "mortified" initially she uploaded the photo to Facebook on Nov. 20 with the caption: "Imagine our horror when we walked into our sons preschool Thanksgiving celebration to see what our little man Teagan was thankful for."

While some kids went with their gut and said that they were thankful for their families, others had more colorful answers, like "For markers and Mommy and Daddy" and "For chicken nuggets and French fries," but little Teagan's response, "My money!" took the cake.

Kim explained to POPSUGAR that when she first saw his response she was shocked, but after some thought she realized he may just be repeating what he hears at home. "Well we sort of realized that it was a few things. I am in sales and work from home so he hears me speak about $ quite often. The other factor was he had recently become obsessed with his piggy bank, so putting money in it was at the forefront of his mind." And even though Kim's face may have turned a slight shade of red at his candidness one thing's for sure — it's funny as hell.

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