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Breastfeeding Mom Forced to Stand on Train While Men Sit

1 Mom Gives the Most Sarcastic "Thanks" to Men Who Made Her Breastfeed While Standing Up on Train

It's no secret that moms are capable of incredible feats of multitasking, but that doesn't mean they should be forced to show off this skill at every turn.

That's precisely what Bryony Esther was dealing with when she was standing up on a crowded UK train while breastfeeding her 15-month-old baby, and not a single person offered to give up their seat.

The mom of three shared a photo to Facebook that showed the awkward situation:

"Having to stand on a train whilst breastfeeding my baby thanks to the lovely bunch of charmers giving more priority to their suitcases and rolling joints," she wrote. "It stinks. Plus the cyclist, with a fancy bike that keeps rolling into me, sat in the disabled seat."


Her post resonated with moms around the globe. Nearly 28,000 people shared her post, and although most comments were supportive – plenty of moms are well aware that men in particular often ignore pregnant women or those with babies on public transportation – some maintained that it's not the fault of the male passengers. As one commentor wrote: "Those who commute will agree that as soon as you sit down its heads down until you get off. I am sure this lady would have a seat if she asked and made people aware."

Still, perhaps she has enough multitasking to do and those seated could do their part and seek out those who might need some assistance or, at the very least, their seat.

Meanwhile, Bryony has one goal with her now-viral post – that the pictured men get recognized: "I'd love it if their mothers, girlfriends, and wives get to see how they behave."

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