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British Sisters Give Birth to Babies 6 Hours Apart

These Close Sisters Miraculously Gave Birth Just Hours Apart From Each Other

Two close sisters in Lancashire, England, have given birth to two baby boys within six hours of each other. The Daily Mail reported that Sam Emery, 28, and Kelly Wareing, 24, were hoping for this outcome ever since they both found out they were pregnant around the same time.

The sisters' dreams were temporarily dashed, however, when their due dates were originally expected to be two weeks apart from each other. However, Sam — already a mother of three — ended up having to be medically induced just days before Kelly gave birth to her first child. Kelly gave birth to her son Riley at 9:51 a.m. and after a few days in the maternity ward, Sam gave birth to her son Isaac at 3:52 p.m.

In the interview, Sam found the two boys to be more like twins than cousins. She said, "They got registered on the same day, they had their injections on the same day, they seem to do everything together at the moment."

The sisters' mother was delighted (and maybe a little shocked) to go from having three grandchildren to five in one day. Kelly said, "She was sat in between our beds after we had the boys and was asking which baby to pick up!"

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