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C-Section Shaming Ad Campaign

You Won't Believe This Anti-C-Section Campaign Actually Exists

C-Section Shaming Ad Campaign

A series of inflammatory memes shaming moms who've given birth via C-section are angering parents and sparking a new debate about whether all births are equal. The posts, which appear on a Facebook page called Disciples of the New Dawn, are the work of Father Patrick Embry, who is known for his religious rants against women's rights.

The latest image, which is pinned to the top of his page, shows a picture of a C-section scar and asks women to show respect for "superior women who actually got the job done." The post has more than 71,000 comments and 71,000 shares, and actually isn't the worst of the bunch.

Though there's speculation that the memes are political satires designed to just garner attention for the group, there are plenty of commenters who support the page's mission. There are calls for people to report the page for hate speech, but until Facebook takes action, the images will continue to circulate and cause discussion. Read on to see more of the images being distributed by the group and tell us, do you think it's real?

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