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Can You Dye Your Hair While Trying to Get Pregnant?

You Can Dye Your Hair While Trying to Get Pregnant, but You Still Need to Consider This

There are so many things to think about even before you try to get pregnant. In addition to the obvious things like what to eat and what to avoid, there's also not-so-obvious things, like dying your hair.

While it's well known that you should stay away from hair dye when you're already pregnant due to the chemicals potentially getting absorbed into the bloodstream, what about when you're still just trying? Could the dye's chemicals harm your chances at getting pregnant? POPSUGAR spoke to Dr. Zaher Merhi, director of research and development at IVF Technologies at New Hope Fertility, about touching up your hair when you're planning for your family.

"It's highly unlikely that the dye could affect the preconceived child," Dr. Merhi said, confirming that it's entirely safe to dye your hair before getting pregnant. But since doing it after conception may run risks, it might be best to make one last salon appointment before you and your partner start actively trying for a baby. Just remember to always consult your own doctor first with any worries or questions.

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