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Capri Sun Together Table For Bullying Video

The Together Table Is the Ideal Way to Guarantee No Kid Sits Alone at Lunchtime

For some kids, lunch is a carefree time of day to reconnect with friends and exchange laughs over Goldfish and Jell-O, but for others, it's the longest and loneliest hour of the day; the one where they're forced to sit alone or even face the wrath of cafeteria bullies. In fact, every day, 160,000 students skip school "due to fear of bullying and exclusion," so Capri Sun has come up with the ultimate solution: Together Tables. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, the company teamed up with No Bully to design a wave-shaped lunch table urging kids to all sit together, regardless of the cliques.

In the video, a group of kids reflect on their own lunchtime experiences — how all different groups join together, leaving others isolated and alone during what's supposed to be the most enjoyable time of day. "Rejection is the most painful thing that can happen at school," Nicholas Carlisle, Founder & President of No Bully, said in a press release. "Ensuring that every student has a place at the table is one of the best ways we can come together to end bullying."

The Together Table makes sure every single kid is included, because "if we sit together, no one sits alone." It's the ideal cafeteria situation, and we think every school should implement this to stand against bullying.

Image Source: Capri Sun
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