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Car Seat Protects Toddler After Car Flips Over

After Her Car Flipped Over, This Mom Is Thankful For the Car Seat That Saved Her Son

Ensuring your child is in their car seat properly is not a matter of opinion. Its a matter of life and death! "My two...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Monday, December 11, 2017

A grateful mom is sharing an urgent reminder to parents about the need for car seats and their proper installation. On the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page, the unnamed mom opened up about her terrifying car accident and how her 2-year-old son's car seat likely saved his life.

After a short trip away from home, the mom was driving back with her son when it began snowing. She was doing everything you're supposed to do: the radio was off, she wasn't using her phone, and she was driving well below the speed limit. Still, visibility was low and the roads were gradually becoming more slippery. Suddenly, she lost control of the car and it flipped over and into a ditch.

The mom explained that she quickly grabbed her phone to call for help, unbuckled herself from the seat, and got her son out of his car seat in the back. "By some miracle, we were both unharmed. Jackson's car seat was right where it was supposed to be and he was right where I had buckled him," she wrote. Thankfully, a passerby saw the car soon after the accident and stopped to help them get them out of the car by opening a hatch at the back of the van.

"Without his car seat and its proper use, this day could have been much different for us. The car was totaled, but the car seat looked as good as new and was still buckled in tight when we went the next [day] to gather my things," she said. "It happened so fast. We were almost home. And I never thought it would be me that it happened to."

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