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Cat's Text Exchange With Its Human About Blue String

This “Text” Exchange Between a Cat and Its Human Is Literally How I Imagine My Cats Would Talk to Me

My two cats have approximately 4,000 toys between them. About 15 are toys my boyfriend and I bought them at the pet store — jingly balls and furry mice — and the other 3,985 are various pieces of trash, such as shag carpet strands, plastic clothes tags, and empty Amazon Prime boxes. I'll give you one wild guess whether they prefer the toys or the trash.

And it appears as though we're not the only cat owners who have found this fact to be true. In a pretend text conversation between a human and its cat looking for its "#1 joy in life" (a blue string), the human tries as best as they can to understand why their cat is so distraught over losing a piece of string (that may or may not have been thrown away) when it has plenty of other toys.

Their conversation is so damn relatable, you'll actually laugh howl out loud.

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