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Checking Halloween Candy for Tampering

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Checking Candy — According to These Police Officers

Tampering with Halloween candy is more than just a trick, it's a legitimate concern and more common than parents would like to believe.

Before the candy swaps and intense negotiating over favorite treats begins, it's important for parents to take a look at the goodies their kiddos came home with. Police in Ohio are warning moms and dads about "very suspicious" Lemonheads that have been found slightly opened in trick-or-treaters' sacks and a police department in Connecticut has also urged the community to double check their boxes of Dots. A Texas mom discovered a needle in her 11-year-old's candy bag, but a child in Canada wasn't as lucky when she bit into a needle after eating a piece of chocolate she received.

These local cases all serve as an important reminder to parents that it's worth it to give candy a good look. Here are some tips for reviewing your kids' candy according to some of these local police officers:

  • Know that even if it doesn't appear open, boxes of candy can be re-glued so if it looks suspicious, don't take any chances.
  • Let your kids know that if they ever find a package of candy that normally comes with mixed-color treats but is just one color instead, not to eat it.
  • Look at the candy within the packaging — not just the wrapper — to see if it looks distorted.
  • Always discard any candy that causes you to question whether or not it has been tampered.

If you find something, say something. Contact police instead of just tossing it out.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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