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Child Saves Great-Grandmother's Life in Car

10-Year-Old Boy Grabs the Steering Wheel After His Great-Grandmother Passes Out

Video games like Mario Kart may teach kids skills after all. A 2013 viral story that's currently trending on Reddit shows a 10-year-old boy saving his great-grandmother's life when he quickly took control of the steering wheel after she was unresponsive in the driver's seat. Gryffin Sanders, who thought at first it was a test, said to 9News, "I tried to wake her up at first. Then, I just took the wheel and drove it into the ditch." The little boy credits Mario Kart for teaching him the skills he needed to maneuver the car, which was going 60 mph, and admitted he's "pretty good at go-kart driving."

Darlene Nestor, 74, was visiting relatives with her great-grandsons when she passed out midsentence while driving. When Gryffin saw that they were headed into oncoming traffic, instead of panicking, he navigated the car into a nearby muddy ditch, where the car slowed down. Passersby were able to call 911 to help the family, and Darlene was airlifted to a hospital. When Gryffin's father heard the news, he said, "It was all him and he made a very wise decision at a very critical moment and I couldn't be a prouder father."

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