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Chrissy Teigen on Difference Between Boys and Girls

Chrissy Teigen Considers Raising Boys "Easy," but LOL, What She Said About Girls Will Haunt Your Dreams

Chrissy Teigen has only had six months of experience raising a boy, and she is already seeing some stark differences between her son and daughter.

"It's amazing and fascinating," she told Today of raising 2-year-old Luna and 6-month-old Miles. "As easy as boys are, I love the challenge of the girl."

To Chrissy, she has found that even at a young age, girls are a bit complicated. "They're so dramatic and so smart," she said. "They know how to pull at your heart. I'm like, 'You've been alive for a thousand days, and how are you like this already?'"

She even admitted that she can empathize with why people sometimes overgeneralize women: "I kind of understand men more now because I'm like, 'Wow, we are crazy girls!'"

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