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Chrissy Teigen Tweet About Book Her Mom Used to Read Her

Chrissy Teigen Shares the Final Pages of a Thai Book Her Mom Used to Read Her, and Oh, Oh My

Chrissy Teigen loves having her mom live with her, especially because it means she's around to read stories to Luna that she used to read Chrissy during her childhood. But one of the stories she looks back on fondly isn't exactly as inspiring and happy as she maybe remembers it being.

"My mom is Thai, and she lives with us. She's always wanted me to be really proud of my heritage and where I came from," Chrissy told POPSUGAR in an interview. "There's so much history in everything that she loves, and she loves being able to pass traditions down, but nothing makes her happier than when she's able to read Luna a book that she read to me in Thai from when she was young."

Well, that book (or another similar one) has now resurfaced, and Chrissy says she's "learning a lot about myself from the stories my mom used to read to me." In a tweet shared on Jan. 29, Chrissy reads the final three pages of a Thai book about a little bird.

"'And his tiny wings were too weak to fly high,'" she reads aloud, as Luna giggles in the background. "'When he flew halfway up the mountain, he fell down to the ground and died.' The moral of the story? 'Doing things beyond your ability never brings good.'"

Well then.

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