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College Student Turns Closet Into a Bedroom For Dog

This Girl Turned Her Spare Closet Into a Doggie Bedroom, and Wow, When Can We Move In?

College Student Turns Closet Into a Bedroom For Dog
Image Source: Betsy Redfern

Betsy Redfern, a 20-year-old college student from Mississippi, is the definition of a doting dog mom. After moving into a new apartment with an extra closet, she did what any hardcore pet mama would do: she made an adorable bedroom for her 12-year-old chihuahua, Cupid, using the extra space. And honestly, it's so stinking cute we wish we thought of the idea first.

After heading out to college for her freshman year, Betsy quickly began to miss her best friend who's slept in her bed since the third grade. She told POPSUGAR just how difficult her time without her four-legged friend was.

"When I moved to college my freshman year was very hard because I lived in the dorms and was constantly getting homesick," she said. "After my freshman year I was able to get an apartment and bring Cupid to school with me! The apartment happened to have a master bedroom, so it had two closets. I didn't need the second closet, but needed somewhere to keep Cupid. So I decided to give Cupid a little space of his own and decorate it for him. He shares his room with my 5-year-old turtle, Caru."

Yup, that's right, Cupid and Caru are bunk mates. As if the story couldn't get any cuter.

Betsy didn't waste any time getting creative with her pooch's new digs, drawing a little inspo from her own room. She started by repurposing an old baby doll bed and then enlisted her mom for some help in the crafting department. "I decided to repaint the old bed I got from Santa Claus years ago and use it for Cupid. His linens were made to match my bed covers and skirt, and were sewn by my mom."

But the most adorable part of the whole project? The tiny Christmas tree she set up in the corner. Betsy explained that she decided to spread her love of the Christmas season to her pets' room this year for just a few bucks. "I found the tree and the star-topper at Dollar Tree, and the ornaments at Target. I think it cost at most $15 for me to do! It was so cute!"

Although the newly remodeled closet is what pet owners' dreams are made of, it also has a practical purpose, too. "Cupid's room has been so great because I am able to put a baby gate up and keep him in there when I go to class so I know he is safe and cozy."

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