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Conceiving a Baby in July

6 Reasons July Is a Great Time to Conceive a Baby

If you've been considering having another baby, you might want to get cracking now because July is the perfect month to make a baby. Of course life doesn't always go as we plan it to — especially when it comes to pregnancies — but why not give it your best shot?

1. Avoiding Flu Season

When you conceive a baby in July, you'll have a baby after cold and flu season is done. Amen! This means it's easier to be out and about with your baby without worrying as much about germs as you would if your baby is born in October or November. Also, if you already have little ones at home who go to school, day care, or activities, then you know that your house is germ central throughout the Winter. Make a baby now and avoid a snot-infested little newborn.

2. Fresh Air: Good For Mommy and Baby

My daughter was born at the end of March, which meant we were strolling around outside pretty much from the get-go. When you conceive a baby in July, you're bound to bring home a bundle of joy right in time for Spring. There's nothing harder than being cooped up inside with kids and a baby or just a newborn, so having a baby in Spring means Mommy gets to have brief sanity checks and air, which is greatly needed after having a new little one! Even better? If you have children already, nice Spring weather means park time, so you can wear your newborn or keep her in the stroller while your big kids run free and get out all of that lovely youthful energy.

And hey — maybe the fresh air will keep you awake after those long, sleepless nights . . . maybe . . .

3. End-of-the-School-Year Baby

Rather than being born in late Summer or early Fall, otherwise known as that dangerous "cut-off" date zone in which kids either go into elementary school late or early, your kid will be born in Spring, which is great! He won't be the oldest or the youngest in his class, and you won't be sweating bullets when it comes time for kindergarten registration.

4. Relaxing Summer, Easier Chances of Conceiving

Even if you're not a schoolteacher, a lot of people take it easier during the Summer and look forward to time with their partners and families. Chances are you're more relaxed than you are over the holidays, beginning of the school year, or end of the school year. If you're more relaxed, you have a greater chance of that holy sperm meeting the egg and — bam! — getting pregnant.

Not only that, but you probably have some built-in vacation time already for July, so why not use it to launch your babymoon? Getting away with your partner and escaping the real world is a fun and romantic way to make your first, second, third, or last baby — whatever number of kids you're going for. Plus, if you have children already and want another, what are the stats on you and Dad getting wild during a Disney family vacation? Sure, if you're both the randy types, nothing will stop you, but a babymoon could really put your next kid on the map for Spring 2016!

5. Feeling Sexier

Are you nervous about putting on that bathing suit? Perhaps, but you're also slipping into less clothes over the Summer and sporting dresses and skirts, which makes you a hot number for your partner as well as makes you feel pretty. Feeling good about yourself usually leads to more sex, and more sex increases your chance of having the baby you've been dreaming about.

6. Accidents May Happen

Getting a bit too wild with the sangria at the Summer BBQ, Mommy? Just as the cold, dark days of Winter bring upon snuggling and lovemaking, the lazy days of Summer bring on a drink of wine or two, and suddenly, you're having a baby next Spring!

No matter when you conceive or how you get in the mood to make a baby, stay positive and as stress-free as possible, which can be tough sometimes if you're having difficulties conceiving. But remember having sex with your partner is never a bad thing, so increase those practice runs and enjoy the experience!

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