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Contractions Delivery Dad Joke

How This Father-to-Be Turned His Child's Birth Into the Ultimate Dad Joke

Not just anyone can tell eye-roll-inducing dad jokes. For some, it takes years of practice, dedication, and countless groans from little ones. But for one Imgur user, fatherhood isn't the only thing that came naturally — so did the ability to crack dad jokes! As proof, this new father uploaded the text messages he sent to his sister before his daughter, Grace, was born. Instead of simply letting her know that labor was officially in progress, he sent her a slew of singular messages: "Should've," "Isn't," "It's," "She'll," "I'm," and "We'd." Almost an hour later, the aunt-to-be caught on to her brother's jokes and realized what he was trying to tell her: contractions! From the precious photo he shared, it seems like even at just 3 minutes old, Grace is madly in love with her daddy — and his sense of humor!

Image Source: Imgur user MyDogJake
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