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Controversial Halloween Lawn Display in Parma, Ohio

See the Halloween Display That Has Neighborhood Parents Appalled

Residents of the Cleveland, OH, suburb of Parma are getting a little too into the Halloween spirit. One home — located less than a block away from Dentzler Elementary School — is causing controversy with parents for its extremely lifelike and garishly gory lawn display that features various to-scale fake corpses hanging from the trees, with one body even nailed to an inverted cross.

As a result, parents are expressing their disapproval of the display, given its proximity to the school, and especially because several children believed the display to be real! In an interview with local station Cleveland 19 News, the homeowner, Vicki Barrett, said, "We don't want to scare kids. We just want to do the Halloween fun of it and but definitely no ill intent, no," adding that she herself has a 2-year-old and a special-needs teenager and would not intentionally frighten children — hers or those of others.

Meanwhile, Parma officials are staying out of it, citing freedom of expression and explaining that homeowners are allowed to display holiday decorations as they please.

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