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Cosleeping Paranormal Activity Parody

Any Parent Who's Ever Had a Kid Crawl Into Their Bed Will Find This Parody Hilariously Chilling

With every new child comes more than a few sleepless nights, and for some parents, cosleeping doesn't make getting some much-needed shut-eye any easier. Thankfully, The Dad put a hilarious spin on this all-too-common complaint among parents by making a Paranormal Activity parody that rings completely true.

The short "trailer" is chock-full of hilarious moments that parents deal with every single day, from getting woken up at all hours of the night just to witness your kid crawling all over you to noticing bruises in the morning where your mini me accidentally kicked you in the ribs. Whether you're a big horror fan or not, you have to admit it's pretty damn relatable. And let's call it like it is — sometimes laughing at your troubles is a much better solution to crying over them, right?

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