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Costco Pet Waste Bags For Diapers

This $4 Costco Bargain Will Save You Tons of Money If You Have a Baby in Diapers

Moms, get ready to save some serious cash. If you have a baby who hasn't yet been potty-trained and tend to throw the dirty bombs diapers into those small, colorful bags to eliminate odors in your home or on the go, you're about to kneel at one mom's feet. Ariana Quinones was wandering the majestic aisles of Costco when she found perhaps the most useful product to have in bulk, especially if you also have a dog: a 400-pack of Poops! Pet Waste Bags for $4.

Considering these small dog-poo bags are more or less the exact same as the bags baby brands make, Ariana grabbed herself a package — which comes with two dispensers that would fit perfectly in a diaper bag — noting that other brands are usually more expensive (around $8 for a pack of 72!). So even though she doesn't use the bags often, it's worth this cheap price to have them just in case. "This will last us forever," she said.

So if you'd love the luxury of individually wrapped poo-filled diapers instead of having a giant tube full of them next to your child's changing table or unwrapped ones sitting at the top of the kitchen garbage can, know that for $4, you can have 400 poopsplosions taken care of.

Image Source: Ariana Quinones
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