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Couple Is Expecting Fourth Set of Twins in Four Years

This Couple Has Been Given the News That They Are Having Their Fourth Set of Twins

Twins often run in families, normally skipping a generation before making another appearance, or are frequently the result of IVF, as the chance of multiple eggs being fertilized is increased — but sometimes it's just a totally random and bizarre surprise for an expecting couple going in for a routine checkup. The latter was certainly the case for Emma and Loma Uhila from New Zealand.

When Emma and Loma's son Micah was 11 months old, they got the amazing news that they were pregnant again, this time with twin girls. It was a total surprise to them, as twins don't run in either of their families, and the couple welcomed three babies under 3 with open arms. Then they heard the words, "it's twins," another time just a few months later . . . and again a few months after the second set of twin girls was born. Now with three sets of twin girls and Micah all under 7, the couple has heard the words, "you're having twins," for the fourth time in four years.

For anyone who's having trouble keeping track, that's eight babies within four years, nine babies total — taking the Uhilas from a family of two to a family of 11 in just seven years. The couple is overjoyed and superexcited for the fourth set of twins to arrive. Emma told Let's Porse, "It's crazy chaos but good fun at the same time."

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