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Couple Surprises Grandma With Adoption News

She Thinks Her Military Son Coming Home For the Holidays Is Exciting, But He Has a Big Surprise For Mom

Grandma Eva just had the Christmas surprise of a lifetime, but we don't think she's complaining. The Franklin, IN, woman was puttering about her home on a Sunday when she heard a knock on the door. On the other side were Miranda and Donny Goeb, her daughter-in-law and son, on leave from the Air Force base in Pearl Harbor. And while that surprise would be enough to make any mother happy for the holiday, the couple had more in store for Eva — meeting her new granddaughter, Melissa Faith!

Miranda and Donny had kept their daughter's adoption 10 days earlier a secret and flew to Indiana to share the news. And boy did they surprise the new grandmother! It turns out Miranda retired from the Air Force in September so they could begin the adoption process. They ended up adopting Melissa Faith, nicknamed Lily, from a military acquaintance. They learned they would be parents on Nov. 12, they met the birth mother on Nov. 25, and Lily arrived on Dec. 8.

"We chose not to tell our families due to so many unknowns," Miranda told WTHR. "We wanted to protect our hearts and theirs. We were taking a huge leap of faith. Once the baby Lily was officially placed with us, to become our daughter, we decided that it was not the type of news to be shared over the phone."

And thank goodness they did, because Grandma Eva's reaction is one that you don't want to miss — it is a moment of sheer, unadulterated joy! Watch it above and prepare for some happy tears!

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