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DIY WALL-E Costume For Kids

Wait Until You Read the Sweet Story Behind This Dad-Made WALL-E Costume

The most precious commodity we can give our kids is our time. Louie Ejanda learned this firsthand this month as he prepared his son's elaborate Halloween costume. The San Francisco-based illustrator was laid off from his job and transitioned into a stay-at-home father. One day, the two watched WALL-E and his son, Charlie, was smitten. Charlie wanted to be WALL-E for Halloween and Louie knew what he had to do.

He detailed every step of the process on his Facebook page along with some witty commentary about his love for his son and the amount of free time he had on his hands. But it is his commentary that accompanies his images of the final product that will touch you the most.

Ever since I started my life as a stay at home dad, I've had my struggles with no longer being creatively and productively employed. I had to learn to be a provider in a way that didn't call for me to earn a paycheck. I learned to provide just my self. My time. My patience. My attention. My honesty. My contrition. My all.

Even on my worst days (of which there are quite a bit lol), I love my situation. I am blessed to have this time with him. I thank God for the challenge of making that time count.

While the costume has garnered the attention of everyone from the local news to Andrew Stanton, the man behind WALL-E, we think the smile on his son's face is all the validation he needs!


Read on to see the posts Louie posted along the way — they're sure to put a smile on your face too!

Update #4 DIY WALL-EAcrylic paint did the trick! So as future reference to anyone who cares, black tempera works as a...

Posted by Louie Ejanda on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Update #5 DIY WALL-EStarted detailing the "wear and tear" around Wall-e's body and head piece. It's amazing what no...

Posted by Louie Ejanda on Friday, October 16, 2015

Final Update DIY WALL-E (aka CHARL-E)A month ago I sat down and watched WALL-E with Charlie. He told me that he wanted...

Posted by Louie Ejanda on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Andrew Stanton retweeted my sweet sweet boy wearing his cardboard costume. Andrew Stanton was the dreamer and engine behind WALL-E and one of the geniuses at @disneypixar. Since being laid off, I've spent nearly every second of the day with Charlie as my full time job, trying to give him absolutely everything of me. My wonderful wife is keeping us afloat working a full-time job and studying at her masters. I needed this so much. I can't wait for him to understand the stories I'll be telling him about his costume as he gets older. I literally can't stop alternating between bawling like a baby and smiling ear to ear. I'm going to give Charlie the biggest weepiest hug after preschool. #charliebastian #DIY #DIYcostume #customcostume #cardboardcostume #playfulcardboardcostumes #pixar #walle #disney #andrewstanton #disneypixar Thank you.

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