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Dad Decorates Daughter's Diabetes Device

Dad Adorably Disguises Daughter's Diabetes Device For Her Swim Meet

No child likes to feel different, so one ingenious dad got creative when it came time for his daughter's swim meet. Because swimmers can't do much to hide things like insulin pumps and blood-sugar-testing devices that children with diabetes must wear, the father turned his daughter's device into an accessory.

According to a post on Reddit, the crafty dad took some dollar store tape and cut it into the shape of the team mascot — the Killer Whales.

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The Reddit poster, who has a diabetic wife who uses the same device, discovered the photo in an online forum he belongs to and said the device is called a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). He explained, "It is a device that is able to track blood sugars that is then sent to a small device (size of a pager) where you are able to see your blood sugar levels and which direction you are heading. Nothing is as accurate as poking your finger and testing, but the technology with these is pretty amazing. Others can track your blood sugars as well via their app. I am watching my wifes at work daily and let her know when she needs to stop and have a snack. It is also great for when she is sleeping. I don't have to wake her up to test nightly anymore."

While the swimmer's dad used a scissors and some duct tape, those who want to do something similar and aren't quite as crafty are in luck. Companies like GrifGrips and Pump Peelz offer adorable shapes and colors to suit your child's whims!

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