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Dad Draws Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on Son's Cast

This Dad Did the Coolest Thing For His Son's First Day Back to School

Back-to-school is such an exciting and nerve-racking time, but rarely do kids have to worry about incorporating a full leg cast into their first-day outfit. One kindergartner was about to begin school with one, so his dad used his artistic talents to help him out. He decked out his son's cast by drawing the face of Leonardo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not only does his Sharpie work fill up most of the cast, but it also looks like he coordinated Leo's signature blue with the cast's boot.

"Our kindergartener had to start school in a full leg cast, so my husband did what he could to make it a little easier on him," the boy's mom posted on Reddit. "Luckily my husband has always been a doodler and 6-year-olds have simple tastes: minions and vintage Turtles."

We doubt the little boy was given any trouble on his first day — in fact, he was probably the coolest kid in class. Kudos to this dad!

Image Source: Reddit user tipsycup
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