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Dad's Excitement About Deals After First Trip to Costco

I Wish I Loved Anything as Much as This Dad Loved His First Trip to Costco

Priorities change when you become a parent, and the things that once bored you to tears are now the things that bring you tears of utter joy.

Never has this evolution been more apparent than when a California dad named Tom Musto paid a visit to his local Costco for the first time.

In a video shared on Twitter by his son TJ, Tom couldn't contain his excitement while showing off the deals he scored — $8 "for all those sausages!" — at the big-box members-only store.


According to Today, Tom's friend Stephanie took him to the bulk-goods paradise to help him prepare for a big Sunday dinner he was hosting.

"I got a call from him at the store, saying, 'Hey, so you ever hear of a place called Costco? It's incredible here!" TJ said.

After spending $75 (which included a bulk bag of pistachios that only cost $9 whereas "a little bag" at his regular grocery store costs "like, $12.50!") and saving upwards of $30, it seems this inaugural visit won't be his last.

"Stephanie said she's getting me a 'Costcos' card for my birthday," Tom said at the end of the video. It's Costco, Tom, but you definitely get the idea.

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