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Dad Fired From Chilis For Objecting to the Word Retarded

This Dad of a Boy With Down Syndrome Was Fired For Asking Co-Workers Not to Use Offensive Slur

After his co-workers repeatedly used the word "retarded," Bruce Casper complained to his manager at a Chili's restaurant in Tarentum, PA. The result? No, not sensitivity training for the staff. Casper was fired.

For the father of three — whose youngest, a 16-month-old boy named Kyron, has Down syndrome — the offensive language just didn't sit well with him.

"Chili's in the Pittsburgh Mills thinks it's OK to use the word 'retarded' and call people 'retards,'" Crista Miller, Casper's girlfriend and the mother of his children, said on Facebook. "Bruce has brought the use of this word up time and time again, even requesting a meeting regarding it. Nothing was done. Yesterday he was called a retard again in front of management, and when he made it clear to everyone near that our son has Down Syndrome and he will not tolerate that word, management said, 'You can leave then,' so he did."

However, when he returned for his next shift, he had been replaced.

"In two years, he has called off maybe three times due to a surgery he had and two that our son had," Miller added. "[He is] never late. Goes in when others call off or when asked of him. Apparently hate speech is allowed and even defended there. I would not call that place 'family friendly.'"

Chili's released a statement saying "this is certainly not the behavior we condone" and has since offered Casper another job at a different location, but he declined because he no longer feels comfortable working for the restaurant chain.

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