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Dad Follows Exact Instructions For Putting Baby to Bed

This Dad Took Instructions For Putting His Daughter to Bed Literally, and It's LOL-Worthy

When it came to putting his 2-year-old daughter, London, to sleep, Aaron Cade knew it was best to stick to the instructions his girlfriend Ashlie Nicole Williams laid out for him. And he did exactly that in a tweet that's going viral with more than 103,000 favorites and 42,000 retweets.

Ashlie Nicole tweeted a hilarious photo of London in bed, still in her car seat, with the caption: "Aaron came in the house with London asleep in her car seat and I told him to 'just put her in the bed.' He did exactly that."

Once she saw just how closely Aaron had followed her directions, she couldn't help but laugh about it. "Literally, I walked out of the room to laugh because I didn't want to wake her up," Williams told TODAY in an interview. "I asked him, 'Really, dude?'" And his reaction was even better: "He looked at me with the funniest facial expression, like he didn't see why I was laughing. He said 'What?'"


For anyone who says their partner can't follow instructions, let this be proof that they're fully capable.

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