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Dad Forces Son to Drink Alcohol

Father Arrested After Forcing Son to Drink Alcohol

Many parents would ground their teen if they found them with alcohol, but one Tennessee father took a different approach. After catching his 15-year-old son drinking, Mark Allen Hughes forced the child to play a drinking game in an effort to teach him about the dangers of alcohol. But that lesson backfired when Hughes's son passed out and became unresponsive. The teen was flown to East Tennessee Children's Hospital for treatment, where relatives say he is doing well. Hughes, who had to be restrained when police arrived, was charged with aggravated child abuse, neglect, and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

"We're going to prosecute it to the fullest," Sweetwater Police Chief Eddie Byrum tells a local news station. "We'd like to use this as an example where if anybody else is out there and thinks this is how they're going to govern their children or direct them, we will put a stop to it."

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