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Dad Gets Tattoo of Cochlear Implant For His Daughter

Dad Gets a Tattoo of a Cochlear Implant on His Head to Support His Deaf Daughter

When his daughter went in for her second cochlear implant, a New Zealand man decided she shouldn't be the only one in the family with something different above her ear. To show his support, Alistair Campbell shaved his head and got a tattoo of the exact same device on the left side of his head.

It was a truly selfless act for his 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte — who is deaf in her left ear and has a condition that limits how sound is transmitted to her brain — but what really melted our hearts was when we found out this was Alistair's first and only tattoo. It takes some serious courage to get such sizable ink on such a sensitive part of the body!

According to the New Zealand Herald, he does plan to let his hair grow back, but that the message — that she should never feel alone — was well-received. As the paper reported, she "giggled, touched it and told him it was 'cool.'"

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