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Dad Gets Tattoo Sleeve of Daughters' Drawings

Adorable Dad Is Getting an Entire Tattoo Sleeve of His Daughters' Drawings

It's not uncommon for a parent to want to honor their kids with a tattoo, and while many choose to ink their child's name or one of their adorable kid-doodles, one dad is going above and beyond in dedicating an entire arm to his daughters' drawings. The full tattoo sleeve is being done by artist Jess Koala of Black & Blue Tattoo in California, who says Eric "might be the coolest dad ever."

In a post to Instagram, the tattoo artist shared a gallery of photos of Eric's arm, which so far features Isabel's and Graci's names in their own handwriting, a rainbow flower, a heart, an owl, and two self portraits that each girl drew of herself.

Koala told POPSUGAR: "Eric and I have had two sessions so far that started with the self-portraits of his daughters, Graci and Isabel. At that first session we started talking about how much fun it would be to create a sleeve from there. We came up with the idea of them drawing their versions of tattoo 'flash' so that he could choose which tattoos would be next. His daughters were ecstatic and have been drawing up a storm! It has been such a fun project and this is just the beginning with much more to come! "

Coolest dad ever, indeed!

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