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Dad Gives Baby Middle Name of Pancake

Before You Judge, This Dad Named His Baby Pancake For the Cutest Reason

When Chris Danzig announced the birth of his first child, a baby girl, he had to know people would have some follow-up questions. He and his wife, Sari, named her Mia Pancake Danzig. That's right: this newborn's middle name is Pancake.

Amid the congratulatory comments on his Facebook post — which included a snapshot of the birth certificate to prove it was no joke — one friend was brave enough to ask what we were all wondering: "WHY?"

His reason was nothing short of syrupy sweet:

"You always have to take extra care when making your first pancake because you don't know if the griddle is hot enough, if there's enough butter in the pan . . . " he wrote. "When she was in utero we called her pancake — because we had to be extra mindful when making our first pancake. When it came time to decide a name, Sari and I couldn't agree so we made a deal. Sari could pick the first name if I could pick the middle — no vetoes allowed."

His wife chose Mia, which he actually liked, and he chose, well, Pancake.

"I wanted her to keep that term of endearment with her throughout life, and hopefully it will prevent her from taking herself too seriously," he added. "Life is a bit absurd — it's helpful to have a reminder of that from time to time."

Here's to you, Mia Pancake!

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