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Dad's Old Fax About School Dress Code Violation

1 Dad's Old Fax (Yes, Fax!) About His Son's Confiscated Sweater Is Still Funny 18 Years Later

One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is to grab an old box from the recesses of my childhood closet and page through all the old papers. I've found a few gems — silly, intricately folded notes from classmates, report cards, and photos capturing every ounce of middle-school awkwardness. But I've yet to be so lucky as to find a facsimile sent from my dad to my teacher about a dress code violation and a confiscated sweater.

Seann Walsh, however, was so lucky. After discovering the now-18-year-old letter, he instantly shared it on Twitter.

In the note, Michael Walsh acknowledged that the school enforces uniforms but that because his grade-schooler had a cold, traveling "without his sweater was not too clever." He could have sent his son to class in an already-deemed-acceptable jacket, but it was stained and he couldn't figure out how to clean it, what with Seann's mom out of town. "Sean was too embarrassed at having a father who cannot use a washing machine to say this," he admitted.

The best part was Michael's bold conclusion: "Anyway, my point is: isn't this just a little bit petty? Life's hard enough."

As true now as it was a few decades ago!

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