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Dad Rents Inflatable Bar For Date Night

Why 1 Dad's "Solution" to Lack of Date Nights Is Going Viral

After pointing out to her significant other just how long it's been since the pair had a real, adults-only date night, this mom was hoping that her partner would forget about the cost of a babysitter and book one for them.

Instead, the dad suggested that they grab takeout, and the woman's reaction, captured in a viral video shared on LADbible, is exactly what you'd expect. Eventually, the dad agreed to take her on a date the following evening and told her to not only get her hair done but also to arrive back home at 8 p.m. for their special evening.

When the mom returned, she was glowing. However, that didn't last when she realized that there was no babysitter, and her look of disappointment is enough to shatter you. But before she could get too upset, her husband led her through the house and into the backyard, where she was greeted with the ultimate surprise: an inflatable Irish pub.


As the pair enjoyed their selection of drinks and snacks at Air of the Dog, they were able to watch the pub's screen — which just happened to be their baby monitor. Their evening even included a dance floor, complete with disco lighting and a smoke machine, as well as lots of laughter from one dad who was pretty pleased with himself. "Best of both words: date night and we don't have to pay for a sitter!"

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