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Dancing Tarmac Man at the Airport

This Airport Employee Breaks It Down on the Tarmac, and LOL, We Can't Stop Watching

Here we go again. Leaving New York this morning on my way back to Nashville and the Tarmac Dancer is back at it. #TheTarmacDancerStrikesAgain #DejaVu #EmployeeOfTheYear #Southwest

Posted by Terry McBride on Friday, December 8, 2017

Kyran Ashford, an Operations Agent Supervisor at Greater Rochester International Airport, knows how to break it down on the dance floor, even if he's nowhere near one. And his moves are absolutely incredible, to say the very least. Luckily for everyone not on a flight leaving Rochester, Terry McBride managed to capture Kyran's entire routine on video and posted it to Facebook shortly after boarding a flight to Nashville, TN. So if you're traveling through Rochester this holiday season, keep your eyes peeled for the "Dancing Tarmac Man" who gives passengers a little bit of entertainment completely free of charge.

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