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Does Alec Baldwin Want a Fifth Baby?

Alec Baldwin Says His Wife Wants a Fifth Kid — and Hey, the More, the Merrier, Right?!

A fifth baby might be in the cards for the Baldwin family! While stopping by The Ellen Degeneres Show on Feb. 4, Alec and Hilaria got pretty candid about their future plans when Ellen asked point blank if she wanted to have another daughter, saying, "What happens if you don't have a girl?" Judging by Hilaria's answer, she's pretty dang determined.

The mom of four jokingly replied, "You gotta keep on trying, Ellen!" and added that Alec is also on board with having another child. And apparently, her husband isn't the only one itching to grow his family — the couple's 5-year-old daughter Carmen has asked her mom to have another baby girl, too.

"When I told Carmen, our 5-year-old old — everything revolves around her — that I was pregnant with another boy, she said, 'Mommy how bout you have another girl and then you have another boy?'" said Hilaria. "She asks me all the time when she's gonna have her sister."

Later on, Alec joked that they had their hands full with five kiddos under 5 years old. "I think she wants one more," he said, adding that, "She wants to have a girl. She wants Carmen to have a little sister." Only time will tell what's in the cards for these two lovebirds!

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