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Dwayne Johnson Infant CPR Course

Yes, Even Dwayne Johnson Needs to Practice This First Aid "Skill" — and He's Calling on All Parents to Do the Same

Dwayne Johnson is one of those people you'd want to have around in an emergency, but if you think it's because of his natural talent for saving lives, you'd be mistaken.

In a powerful Instagram post, the people's champ proves that it takes practice to be a hero, especially when it comes to our children.

"You hope there's never an emergency where you never have to deploy the skill," the proud dad captioned the photo. "Since we have another baby girl on the way - I wanted to make sure myself, my family, and our staff took another choking prevention and CPR course on infants, children and adults."

He "highly" recommended such a course to his fans because you "never know what may happen and it's always best to be ready."

And not to get too serious, he made light of the dummy baby doll he was holding in the photo: "For the record, this baby is not real and not mine. My babies come out much browner. And cuter."

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