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Easy Ways to Lose Baby Weight

5 Ways to Get Your Prebaby Bod Back (Without Really Trying)

Easy Ways to Lose Baby Weight

Once you've welcomed your new arrival, had a few days to get back to feeling like the old you, and begun to familiarize yourself with the tiny stranger who's dominating your days (and, of course, nights), the thought of how on earth to lose what's left of your baby weight just may cross your mind.

Our advice? Relax! Striving to regain your prepregnancy bod is a totally normal desire, but in the early days (and perhaps well beyond), it's the newborn, not the mom, who runs the show. Instead of setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations, take our more lax approach to aiding your body in its gradual transformation. These five easy steps will put you on the road to weight loss the healthy way, and you'll barely even have to break a sweat.

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