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Ellen DeGeneres Interviews Young Cancer Survivor Violet

Watch This 4-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Get Her Dream Guest Spot on The Ellen Show

Violet's dream was to come to my show. I didn't even realize that my dream was to meet Violet.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Violet Spataro was just 6 months old when her parents discovered she had a tumor in her eye. Violet's mother, Shenay Spataro, said she had noticed a white glow on one of her daughter's pupils that would always appear in photographs. She said, "We were playing together and, she was such a happy baby, and she was looking up at me and I felt like I couldn't see the emotions in one of her eyes. It was just the strangest thing as a new mom." Violet was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare pediatric type of cancer that develops in the retina. Thankfully, after years of treatment, Violet is in remission and stable.

Violet also happens to be a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres. With help from her parents, Violet sent out the most adorable video to the charismatic comedian and talk-show host. In the video, Violet said, "I really want to meet you on your show so bad! You're the best, and when I see you I'm going to give you a really big hug squeeze." Well, on Wednesday, Violet's dream came true.

Ellen invited Violet and Shenay to be guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they spoke about Violet's story, bravery, and love of Sofia the First, of course. It was then that Ellen revealed a giant Sofia the First gift set for Violet and a $10,000 check donated by Shutterfly for Violet's family.

When Ellen shared the interview to her Facebook page, she added a sweet caption that reads, "Violet's dream was to come to my show. I didn't even realize that my dream was to meet Violet."

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