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Ember Coffee Mug Review

This E-Mug Ensures You'll Never Drink Cold Coffee Again

Ember Coffee Mug Review
Image Source: Ember

Enjoying a cup of hot coffee at home is one of those ridiculously simple luxuries that you never appreciate until you have children. If you're like me, it's likely that you'll reheat the same sorry cup of coffee several times in the microwave, and still somehow end up finishing it cold. Even adding a few ice cubes for a cold brew effect doesn't exactly turn lemons into lemonade in this situation.

It turns out, lots of people have this problem. So many, in fact, that the Ember Ceramic Mug ($80), a smart mug that keeps liquid at an exact temperature, was invented for this exact purpose. When I arrived at work a couple of weeks ago and found a package from Ember on my desk, I ripped open the box and immediately started fantasizing about all the warm coffee to come.

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