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Essentials For On The Go Mom

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Making confident and smart choices for you and your family gives you total boss status. We've partnered with Total Wireless to offer tips and tricks for making family life more organized, efficient, and fun.

Moms manage a lot, that goes without saying. Between work, parenting, and home responsibilities, it's a constant juggling act. There are even more balls in the air when you're gunning for that big promotion at work and need to put in the hours.

The good news is that moms are the ultimate multitaskers and doers, and get the job done. But there are a few essentials that are worth having to ensure that the doing is a wee bit easier along the way. Whether it's to help with organization, efficiency, or simply pleasure, these six things are a surefire way to ensure you're the total boss of your day.

#1 Coffee Is King

Many of us can't imagine starting our day without a jolt of caffeine. Thanks to the Keurig K250 Brewer and any compatible K-Cup pods, that jolt is just a button away. The 40-ounce reservoir produces different-size brews (depending on what your morning need is). The best part is all the fun colors it comes in to brighten your morning. Ooh, peacock blue.

#2 Totes Use Totes

For many moms, their bags are their universe. Whether it's to hold a laptop, wipes, snacks, bottles, or probably all of the above, having a spacious and stylish tote is essential. This gorgeous Drake purse by Alexis Drake screams fashion-conscious mom and definitely does not look like a diaper bag, even though you might have five in there.

#3 Phone Home

Having an always-on connection to home, your kids, and your hubby when you're at work is important, which is why a Total Wireless phone plan is a perfect choice. There are no contracts, no commitments, and no exorbitant fees (just $25/month per line for 4 lines) on America's most dependable 4G LTE network.

#4 Style Delivered

Climbing the corporate ladder requires a solid wardrobe of options, but finding the time to shop for them can be such a burden. Why not have someone do the dirty work for you and have customized outfits based on your style preferences sent straight to your door. There are quite a few services like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, and Le Tote that offer plenty of options to choose from.

#5 Dinner at the Door

Speaking of delivery, why not add meals on top of that to ease the 5:30 scramble of, What should we eat tonight? Meal subscription services can be customized to your family's needs (gluten-free, vegetarian) and can be a great way to quickly get a healthy meal on the table without the mad rush to the grocery store.

#6 Scheduling Sanity

Having some sort of universal scheduling system in your household is absolutely critical to making things run smoothly. Google Calendar is a perfect option for Mom and Dad to input business travel, kids' activities, games, appointments, and everything else. Having full visibility into the days, weeks, and months ahead will keep things superorganized.

Mom life requires organization, fun, and the task of making smart choices on behalf of your family. As the total boss, you take full reign over a lot, but with the right tools, you'll ensure the machine keeps running smoothly.

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