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Excitement For Frozen Sequel

10 Reasons to Get Excited For the Frozen Sequel (Yes, There Are Reasons)

We can't say we didn't see this one coming, but the actual news of a full-length Frozen sequel has us simultaneously jumping for joy and screaming, "Nooooooo"! While there's no release date set (heck, they haven't even written the story yet), we're already wrapping our heads around the idea of Frozen 2. Here, why we can't wait for the film to arrive.

  1. New Songs
  2. : We know. If you hear "Let It Go" or "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" one more time, you might tear your hair out. But just think, with a new movie comes new songs, and knowing Disney, it'll release one or two of them before the flick ever hits theaters, so chances are your days of hearing "For the First Time in Forever" duets are numbered.

  3. New Toys
  4. : Your child's Elsa doll's hair is probably a matted mess at this point. And let's not talk about Olaf's head (does anyone know where it rolled off to?). A new movie most certainly means new toys, so you'll have the pleasure of replacing the nasty ones at the bottom of your kids' toy box soon enough.

  5. New Characters
  6. : Disney didn't announce the storyline of the new movie, but we think it's safe to say that there will probably be a few new characters in the mix. That means you can relinquish your role as bad guy Hans in your daily reenactments, because we know no one else wants to play him!

  7. Kristen Bell, Kristen Bell, Kristen Bell
  8. : We love us some Kristen Bell any way we can take her. While yes, as adults, we'd prefer to actually see her acting on the screen, we'll take her voice if that's all we can get. We love her as a positive role model for little girls. We love her as a mom, just like us. And we love seeing her appear on talk shows talking about life at home with Dax Shepard!

  9. More Awkward John Travolta Oscar Moments
  10. : Come on, you didn't think two were enough, did you? First he gave us Adele Dazeem, and this year he gave us all of that weird face touching. We can only hope the future has additional strange John Travolta-Idina Menzel moments

  11. More Parodies
  12. : Oh, you know you love them! Frozen sparked our love of the mom parody videos, so we think there's a good chance there will be plenty more inspiration from the next round.

  13. More Strong Female Characters: We know Elsa did nothing to dampen little girls' love of Disney princesses, but she (along with Brave's Merida) are part of a new generation of Disney royalty — strong-willed, independent women with minds of their own. We seriously hope the new plot continues this trajectory for the sake of our daughters.
  14. Another Chance to Meet Elsa and Anna: If you cautiously avoided the three-plus-hour line to meet Elsa and Anna at any of the Disney parks, well, it looks like you'll have many more opportunities to meet the duo in the future — because we doubt they're going anywhere anytime soon!
  15. Recycled Halloween Costumes: You shelled out a fortune for your kids' Frozen Halloween costumes only to realize that Frozen fever would probably dwindle by the time you had another child who could wear them. Well, lucky you! We're pretty sure that Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf will all be in the new flick, so you can count on handing down those costumes to the next kid in line for a future Halloween.
  16. More Moments That Bring Tears to Our Eyes: One of the best offshoots of Frozen fever was all of the charitable moments it inspired. From the Boston Bruins to singing nurses and patients, we really can't wait to see what comes next.
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