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Excuses Kids Have For Not Going to Sleep

My Tot's Got 44 Problems, But Sleep Ain't One

Oh, sleep. Why do you tease us so? We parents spend so much time on the subject of sleep, but never so much than when it comes to getting our children to go there. Kids don't always go down without a fight, and my daughter, who is usually a very (very) easygoing kid, is the queen of pushing the bedtime limits with a long list of problems (read: excuses) for why she simply cannot go to sleep. It never ceases to amaze me: just last night, after I put the kids to bed, I called a friend and left her a voicemail, and my child was suddenly standing next to me with the burning question, "Are you talking to the dentist?" Um, no, thanks for checking though, honey. Go. To. Bed! I've compiled a sampling of her pre-bedtime issues from just this past week, but I'm sure you've got your own to add!

  1. She is not tired
  2. Needs water
  3. Needs more water
  4. Needs to pee
  5. Needs to poop
  6. She forgot to wash her hands
  7. Needs another kiss
  8. Needs another hug
  9. She forgot to tell me something
  10. Has a very important question, which she forgot
  11. She is hungry
  12. She is scared
  13. She wants the light on
  14. She can't find her lovie
  15. She can't find her Elsa Barbie
  16. She can't find her Elsa Barbie's shoe
  17. She's too hot
  18. She's too cold
  19. She wants to know what that noise is
  20. She has an itch
  21. She has a runny nose
  22. Something hurts
  23. She wants to know if she just heard me on the phone
  24. She wants to know who I was talking to on the phone
  25. She wants to know what I am watching on TV
  26. She wants to know when I am going to bed
  27. She wants to know what the plan is for tomorrow
  28. She's bored
  29. She wants to play for a few more minutes
  30. She wants to read more book
  31. She wants to sing one more song
  32. Her jammies are really itchy
  33. Her new jammies don't rest on her ankles right
  34. The sun is still out
  35. She wants something removed from her room
  36. There's a bug in her room
  37. She wants to know what is for breakfast in the morning
  38. Oops, she totally forgot to hug her brother
  39. The frogs are too loud outside
  40. She wants to know if it's morning already
  41. She wants to tell me that she wiped her toothpaste from her sink
  42. Her American Girl doll is keeping her awake 
  43. Her door is not open wide enough
  44. She's just so tired 

Source: Flickr user allthecolor

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