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Family's Funny Back-to-School Photo

This Family's Brutally Honest Back-to-School Photo Is the Definition of a Kodak Moment

PsBattle: Back to school family picture from photoshopbattles

In the last week, scrolling through your Instagram page has yielded pretty much one thing: adorable back-to-school photos of kids big and small toting backpacks and holding "First Day of [Blank] Grade" signs. But one family put a hysterical spin on the sign craze by including every member of the squad in the shot — regardless of whether they were headed back to school or not.

The now-viral photo shows a father and his three kids each holding their own sign, and what's written on them will make you wonder why you didn't think of the idea yourself.

The two kids in the middle are sporting your typical signs that read "First Day of Fifth Grade" and "First Day of Second Grade," but if you look at the sign the dad's holding, you'll see it says "My 6,287th Day of Work." The youngest daughter, who isn't enrolled in school yet, also has a hilarious message scribbled on her paper: "If I don't hold a sign too, I'm going to scream."

Sounds about right.

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